Some of the Best Eliquids Flavors of the 2017 Season

Ever since the hammer came down from legislation last year, more and more companies are steering towards improving their flavor portfolio and really bringing out some of the best stuff since vaping came around. 2017 could represent the best year for flavors in years, as these companies get more competitive carving out a name for themselves in a crowded space.

The website at has a line-up of many of these wonderful flavors. Interested readers can read more on the website page or find credible reviews for products through the Vape 101 board.

The Vaporescence Founders Collection has nabbed some new flavors and injected some new energy into the founder’s staples. The result is a cacophony of amazing tastes and touches on some classic flavor profiles. Vaporescence makes their own liquids, primarily, so these flavors are unlikely to exist anywhere else.


Crunch may recall moments of dear nostalgia. Crunch is titled after the ever-famous Captain Crunch cereal, and the flavor has a strong presence of the classic breakfast cereal to bring anyone back to watching Nickelodeon on a Saturday morning and seeing Chucky and Tommy get into some craziness on Rugrats. For slightly younger (or older vapers), the Crunch flavor stands on its own. It has that sweet aftertaste of the berries, a boost from the basic plain version that was basically dropped from existence once everyone realized how great the sweet berries were.

Apple Kiwi

Apple Kiwi really stands on its own and explains itself. Apple. Kiwi. Mixed to perfection. The flavor is one of the best recent introductions to the website, as it is a saccharine mix of sweet and soft in the best way possible.


Intrigued readers could not gather a whole lot from the name alone, but Demolish is the premium Caribbean influenced flavor. It is pure pina colada, the sugary coconut glows and the taste is a lovely blend of coconut and sweet berry. It has been flying off the shelves ever since it debuted.

Each of the above flavors offers a little something for everyone. Three flavors hardly make a dent in everything that is available. Visit the website for mods, additions, gear, and information on everything vape.